Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Year - New Beginnings

I am ready for a new year! I find myself drawn more and more to fabric. I love all the textures I am finding as I wander thru flea markets and antique stores. Vintage fabrics and trims seem to be calling me. As I start to work on a new design I wonder who made these pieces of trim and beadwork; what she was doing in her life, who she was sewing for... I am drawn to them especially because they were made by another womans hands. I can only hope that as I create works of art (from my heart) using these pieces, I give these unknown women honor and recognition. Women from past generations had a loving devotion to their families, working hard to feed and clothe them. I would somehow like them to know that their painstaking and time consuming handwork did not get discarded. They are being lovingly reused. My hope is that my art transcends generations and enables viewers to feel a connection both with the past and the future.

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